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This web site accompanies the book Pioneer Cemeteries: Sculpture Gardens of the Old West, by Annette Stott. Here the reader will find all of the contemporary black-and-white photographs from the book reproduced in color, as well as hundreds of supplemental images that illustrate key concepts and monuments discussed in the book.

Choose from the links above to explore the images by 'Chapter and Page' from the text of the book; 'Town and Cemetery' of the monument's location; the 'Tombstone Maker'; or by the name of the 'Person Memorialized' by a monument. (Currently only "Chapter and Page" and "Town and Cemetery" are functional; others will be coming soon.) The final link above takes you to the University of Nebraska web site to order the book, which is also available from Amazon.com and other major booksellers.

This web site does not include any of the historical and archival photographs that are illustrated in the book. The images on this web site were all photographed by the author, Annette Stott, who retains copyright. Viewers may use these images for non-profit educational purposes if they include the notice of copyright (© Annette Stott) immediately adjacent to each image and give this website as the source of images in an appropriate spot, such as the credits slide in a powerpoint or the caption of a printed illustration. All other uses require prior written permission from the author, astott@du.edu.